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Florianópolis is very productive for artists, and many DJs have emerged in the local music scene and have become successful:


We interviewed some successful and emerging DJs and producers of Florianópolis in 2018. Come with us to know their story in the music business:


Interview with A Liga


Interview with Aninha


Interview with Danee


Interview with Coy


Interview with Handerson


Interview with Bernardo Ziembik


Interview with Lelo Rosa




Interview with Charles Medeiros


Interview with Eduardo M.


Interview with Khayyam




Interview with Allen Rosa


Interview with Lirous K'yo


Interview with Kazoow


Interview with Pimpo Gama



DJ Blancah




Daniel Kuhnen




Petrius D




DJ Ana Herber


DJ Andre Anttony


DJ Aline Rocha


Bruno Be


Davi Guimarães


Flavio Steffli


Kiko Franco


Jorge Júnior


Henrique Fernandes


O Panda


Meu Nome é Vaca


Jeco Thompson


Jean Carlo


DJ Chin


Bira Michels




Anderson Negão


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Florianópolis has a huge connection to music and you’ll often find bands of the most diverse styles. Here are some of the bands that have Florianópolis as their origin, base or inspiration.

Dazaranha Band
Probably the most loved band of Florianópolis, “Daza” is how the fans affectionately call it. With six members, the band has been around since 1992, releasing six albums and a DVD. The Azorian culture of Florianópolis is a huge part of this music that mixes pop-rock, reggae and Brazilian MPB music. Spotify Soundcloud
Aeroilis Band
Founded in Floripa 14 years ago and disbanded in 2013, Aeroilis is a alternative rock band who are followers of the so called “new movement”. They launched two albums and are still important and remembered. Spotify
Rinoceronte Negro Band
Rinoceronte Negro
This band plays alternative rock music since 2014. They mix “Bossa Nova Tropicalista” and Hard British Rock. The main topic of its lyrics are daily routines and current social issues. Soundcloud Spotify
Noah Band
This Indie Folk band from Florianópolis came together in 2014. Their first album has 5 tracks, all in English. Spotify
Os Skrotes Band
Patta, Ledoux and Chico Abreu formed the Skrotes in Florianópolis in 2009. An open format mixture of rock, funk, jazz, salsa and other genders. Spotify Skrotes
Parafuso Silvestre Band
Parafuso Silvestre
An independent rock band, a mixture of alternative rock and pop. Formed in 2013, they took part of some music projects. In 2017, they released their first album. Because of their success, the band was invited to take part in the Rural Rock Festival 2017. Spotify Soundcloud
Pipodélica Band
Pipodélica was a band from Florianópolis considered to be one of the most expressive bands around. Founded in 1999 by university students, the band played at the greatest Brazilian festivals and won the London Burning and the Midsummer Madness awards. The band disbanded in 2008. Spotify
Os Chefes Band
Os Chefes
The most important Rock & Blues band of Florianópolis. They started playing in 1998 and now have three albums. Their latest album was released in 2005. Soundcloud
Bands John Bala Jones
John Bala Jones
It’s a rap rock from Florianópolis that started in 1999. In 2010, the group played in major festivals, such as the Planeta Atlântida (Rio Grande do Sul) and BGL (São Paulo). They have three albums. Spotify
Bands Cravo da Terra
Cravo da Terra
A Brazilian popular music (MPB) band formed in Florianópolis is 2000. They started by playing at cafes and bars around the city. They took five years to release their first album, but since then, they have won a few awards. They’re currently working on their third album. Spotify
Brasil Papaya Band
Brasil Papaya
This band was formed in 1993 in Laguna, but it's currently based in Florianópolis. This talented band mixes radical heavy metal with other more popular styles. Spotify
Before Eden Band
Before Eden
Before Eden is a progressive metal band formed in Blumenau in 1998. They took a break in 2013, but they are now back together. They have five successful albums and the lyrics talk about the world they live in, made up stories, and other subjects. YouTube
I.r.i.ê Band
An old and famous reggae band of the area was formed in 1998. Like Dazaranha, it is a “must play” every summer in the island. Spotify
Band Nosnaldeia
Nós Naldeia
From Palhoça, this reggae band started in 2002 and is well known for the hit “Reggae da Casa Amarela”. They also have a few social projects, like the indigenous village Mbya/Guarani project. Ouvirmusica
Expresso Rural Band
Expresso Rural
Considered by many to be the most important band of Santa Catarina’s history, it was founded in 1981 in Florianópolis. It’s a mixture of rural rock, progressive pop and some country music. They have four live studio albums. The band took a break in 1995 but returned in 2007.   Ouvirmusica
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There are plenty of events to suit everyone’s desires. Some orchestras have been created in the city and give great annual performances. Some orchestras have a classical style while others mix pop, rock and samba reggae. Don’t miss the right opportunity to enjoy them.

Orchestra Polyphonia Khoros
Polyphonia Khoros
The Polyphonia Khoros is an independent group founded in 2001 in Florianópolis. They focus mostly on the cappella style and are conducted by Mercia Mafra Ferreira. The group members have performed all over Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. It’s remarkable how they adapt masterpieces from Mozart and Fernando Pessoa.
Orchestra A Camerata
A Camerata de Florianópolis
The Camerata Florianópolis was founded in 1994 by the conductor Jeferson Della Rocca and has since been playing uninterruptedly. They have a huge participation and relevance in the cultural agenda of Santa Catarina. The orchestra figures today as one of the most important groups in Brazil. They performed for the 24th Season of Concerts in 2017. They have won many awards for their work.
Orchestra Cores de Aidê
Cores de Aidê
Cores de Aidê started in 2015 to empower black women in the music scene. The group is formed by women only and got together to engage in the art of percussion in the Samba Reggae. They develop their own productions, design their own choreography and arrangements based on freedom and respect among ethnicities.
Orchestra Polícia Militar SC
Orquestra da Polícia Militar do Estado de Santa Catarina
This is a military orchestra created in 1893, and today it’s conducted by the warrant officer Sérgio Murilo Platt. The group plays every instrument and the music style ranges from classical to pop rock depending on the occasion. They play in public events and in an annual open concert.
Orchestra Cordas da Ilha
Orquestra de Cordas da Ilha
This orchestra uses music education as a pedagogic instrument to facilitate social coexistence since 2005. Their work is rich and they have the gift of bringing people together. They hold concerts all over the state.
Orchestra Câmara Florianópolis
Orquestra de Câmara de Florianópolis
The Orquestra de Câmara de Florianópolis (OCF) is composed by a base of strings (violins, violas, violoncello, double bass) and flute. Depending on the concert they also use clarinets, oboes, bassoons, trumpets, trombones, tubas, percussions, pianos, and solo singers.
Orchestra OSSCA
Orquestra Sinfônica de SC
Founded in 1993, the Orquestra Sinfônica de Santa Catarina (Ossca) is conducted by José Nilo Valle. They have been inspiring similar orchestras and cameratas. This orchestra is a Historical, Artistic and Cultural patrimony of the state of Santa Catarina according to the state law 14.788/2009.
Orchestra Baterias de Florianópolis
Orquestra de Baterias de Florianópolis
The group comes from the biggest drums meetup of South America. They want to break the record of participants, reaching 300 drummers playing at the same time. They have played also in Colombia and Argentina.
Orchestra Manancial
Orquestra Manancial da Alvorada
The Orquestra Manancial da Alvorada is a septet of multi-instrumentalists that mixes music from all around the world and promotes a hybrid transgression among different memories. On concerts, they mix music, performing and visual projections to talk about the contradictions and discomforts in society. They also approach themes of biodiversity and imaginary worlds.
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Florianópolis loves dancing as much as music. Many dance schools are found around the city and some dance-related events take place all year long at an affordable price. Here we listed the top 5 dance studios in Florianópolis:


Besides the itinerant events, Florianópolis has traditional dance festivals every year. But also in the surroundings you can find dance festivals. In Joinville, only 3 hours drive from Florianópolis, there is the Ballet Bolshoi School, the only filial outside Russia, and the annual dance festival ‘Festival de Dança de Joinville’.

Almost as famous, the ‘Festival Nacional de Dança de Jaraguá do Sul (Scar)’ at Jaraguá do Sul, 2 hours drive from Florianópolis, also attracts thousands every year. It will be very simple to find a great event to inspire you.

Dance Event Matrix Producciones
Matrix Producciones
Matrix Producciones is a leading company in Argentina since 1994 that holds a competition of all dance modalities. During this competition, dancers go to Argentina, Mexico and other parts of Brazil. The finals are in Florianópolis.
Dance Events Desterro
Prêmio Desterro Festival de Dança
Opened to dancers from all over the world, the Prêmio Desterro happens every year and counts on the participation of dozens of groups that compete for a money award. This is one of the best awards of southern Brazil. The competition acts as a mean for art and education, investing in the growth of choreographic creation, expanding Brazilian artistic work, and creating exchanges among the thousands of professionals attending to it. With this dance competition, they can achieve socio cultural integration, given the expressive and important participation and representation of dancers, and take advantage of the strategic localization and touristic infrastructure of Florianópolis.
Dance Event Entre Nesta Dança
“ENTRE NESTA DANÇA-FLORIANÓPOLIS” is a non-competitive dance meeting. The aim is to unite schools, gym and dance studios so they have the opportunity to show the talents in their studios. The event is investing in cultural growth through the exchange of knowledge and artistic experiences and in the spread of the dance culture.
Dance Event The Mostra
Mostra de Dança
The Mostra is not a competition but a festival to show the dancers’ work. In addition, the event aims to promote the exchange of experience among students and to stimulate cultural and dance development. The groups subscribing to this event have the same chance of performing.
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Theater is one of the oldest and most beautiful ways to express art. The theaters in Florianópolis offer plays, concerts, stand up comedy, and many other events. There are four main theaters in the city.

Theater Pedro Ivo
Governador Pedro Ivo Theater
The Governador Pedro Ivo Theater opened in 2008 and can accommodate around 700 people in the main theater. There was a huge investment to apply the best technology and infrastructure. Check more information and what’s on here:  
Theater Ubro
Ubro Theater
Opened since 1951, this small theater is run by the city council for culture in a very historical and familiar environment. This space was closed for 40 years and reopened in 2001 after restauration. Now it holds up to 100 people and has a modern sound and light system. The theater houses many events, such as meetings, plays, concerts and shows. Check more information and what’s on here:  
Theater Ademir Rosa
Ademir Rosa Theater
Opened in 1982, it has the biggest stage in the city, holding up to 1,000 people. Their first show was “O Grande Circo Místico” with a famous ballet group from Curitiba. The theater hosts a lot of national and international events. Check more information and what’s on here:
Theater Álvaro de Carvalho
Álvaro de Carvalho Theater
This theater hosted its first play in 1871, four years before its official opening. At that time it was called Teatro Santa Isabel, in honor of Princess Isabel. This theater used to be the place where everyone would meet to date, hang out with friends and enjoy a real good time. The new name Álvaro de Carvalho is in honor of the first playwright in Santa Catarina. TAC, as people call it, is now a historical heritage site and is the theater with the best acoustics in all southern Brazil. Check more information and what’s on here:  
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Everywhere you go in Florianópolis, there is a taste of art, making of the city the perfect place for people looking for inspiration. Here we will list the best art galleries in the city where you can feel inspired and which have the best paintings in town.

Mercado Público Art Gallery Featured
Mercado Público Art Gallery
On the first floor of the Public Market downtown, there is an art gallery that opened in 2017. It’s also called Sala de Atos. This art gallery makes the work of many artists available to everyone. Depending on the exhibition, the work might be for sale. Many of local artists’ works are about the city’s history.
Luciano Martins Art Gallery Featured
Luciano Martins Art Gallery
This beautiful art gallery is located at Lagoa da Conceição. It focuses on Luciano Martins’ paintings. This artist has been painting since 1986 and has received many national and international awards. His paintings are beyond beautiful, full of colors and very expressive. Check more about it here
Beatriz Telles Ferreira Art Office
Beatriz Telles Ferreira Art Office
This is an art gallery located at the Beiramar Shopping downtown. They have exhibitions and also sell paintings and decorative objects from local and Brazilian contemporary artists.
Pedro Paulo Vecchietti
Pedro Paulo Vecchietti Municipal Art Gallery
On the first floor of the Public Market downtown, there is an art gallery that opened in 2017. It’s also called Sala de Atos. This art gallery makes the work of many artists available to everyone. Depending on the exhibition, the work might be for sale. Many of local artists’ works are about the city’s history. Check more about it here
Hellena Fretta Gallery
Helena Fretta Art Gallery
Since 1990, this very successful gallery has embraced and inspired many emerging artists as well as established ones. It focuses especially on art produced in southern Brazil. The art gallery Helena Fretta has a beautiful infrastructure in a XX century house, perfect to host art exhibits, courses and lectures. Check more about it here
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Florianópolis is brimming with art. Everywhere you go, there is a taste of it, making the city the perfect home for emerging and established painters. Florianópolis attracts people searching for inspiration and it’s a safe place for artists to display their talents. Some of the artists that made Florianópolis their home are:

Painter Tereza Martorano
Tereza Martorano
Tereza lives in Florianópolis. She’s one of the most talented painters in the region and has been selected to paint a lot of important natural breathtaking views. Her paintings are mostly scenes of fields, mountains, fruits and flowers from her hometown in the countryside, São Joaquim. Check out some of her paintings here:  
Painters Rodrigo Cunha
Rodrigo Cunha
Rodrigo lives in Florianópolis and graduated in Arts from UDESC. He used to paint as a way of expressing his feelings and letting new characters emerge from it. His characters are mostly from the Brazilian culture. He usually works on three paintings at a time, using a sequence of the same color scheme or of characters’ similarities. You can check some of his paintings here
Painter Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo lives in Florianópolis and graduated in Art from UDESC. He focuses mainly on drawing and painting. Most of his art has a deep meaning, extracting scenes from real life and fiction. Whether in color or not, his paintings display life and emptiness. He wishes to draw the attention of the public by revealing more and more secrets the longer you look at his paintings.  
Painter Jair Martins
Jair Martins
Born in Florianópolis in 1965, Jair has always been around the art scene. He quickly developed an interest and a talent for art, resulting in his first exhibition when he was only 15 years old. He uses a lot of different colors, mostly bright ones, and often displays the beauty of Florianópolis. Check some of his paintings here:  
Painter Caio Borges
Caio Borges
Caio Borges is a very passionate artist from Florianópolis. He has no problems spending all night painting with all kinds of tools, including fingers, sponges, paper, glass. He has already had eight exhibitions. His paintings are known for the “fatter rounded faces” of his figures because he believes it makes them look more friendly. Check out more information and his paintings here
Painter Susana Bianchini
Susana Bianchini
Originally from Brusque, she lives and works in Florianópolis. Susana is so talented that her paintings have taken her all the way to Spain for an exhibition. Her paintings are mostly about urban centers, with people walking in the streets,parks or swimming pools. Check out her paintings here:  
Painter DIrce Korbes
Dirce Korbes
Dirce is from Itapiranga, a small city in the countryside, but she has lived in Florianópolis most of her life. She has exhibited her paintings all around Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and the US. She often switches between the abstract and the figurative. Her most common scenes are urban centers painted with cold colors. Check out some of her paintings here:
Painter Yara Guasque
Yara Guasque
Yara has studied art a lot to become a true artist and open her own studio. She took part of many exhibitions around Brasil. Her paintings are mostly abstract and don’t have many colors or tend to keep the same color scheme. Check more information about her and her paintings here:  
Painter Rodrigo de Haro
Rodrigo de Haro
Rodrigo was born in Paris but came to Brazil as a baby. He lives in Florianópolis and often travels to São Paulo. He became a successful painter, drawing artist, writer and poet. He is very respected in the art community and his paintings are full of bright colors and fictional scenes. Check out some of his paintings here:  
Painter Vera Sabino
Vera Sabino
Almost a celebrity, Vera won her first prize in an art competition when she was only 14 years old. Her art has been exhibited in France and the US. In total, she has had more than 60 exhibitions. The themes of her paintings are often stories she heard as a kid or the folklore of Santa Catarina. Check more information about her and her paintings here:  
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Sculptor Nilton Maia
Nilton Maia
Nilton is from Rio Grande do Sul and lives in Florianópolis. He has his own workshop full of beautiful sculptures and other types of art. He’s known for his fat women figures called “Gordas de Maia”. He really loves the human body. Check more information and some of his art here:  
Sculptress Ilca Barcelos
Ilca Barcelos
Ilca Barcellos is from Pelotas, but has lived in Florianópolis for a long time. She is a sculptor with experience in France, Italy, and Spain. Besides sculptures, Ilca also does photography. Ilca uses her hands to turn ceramic into history, especially contemporary art with vivid energy. She tends to apply a lot of deep meaning to her art. She focuses on keeping the past alive and uses ceramic to mold fossils too. Check some of her art here:  
Sculptor Jorge Marinho
Jorge Marinho
Jorge is originally from Paraná but has lived in Florianópolis since 1982. He became a glass sculptor after taking several classes in Germany, Spain and the US. His sculptures don’t have any excess. Through glass, he recreates his favorite parts of the human body.  
Sculptress Sara Ramos
Sara Ramos
Sara is from Florianópolis and has worked as a sculptor for more than 10 years. She has a workshop and has taken part of numerous exhibitions not only in Brazil but also in France, Spain and Argentina. Check more information about her and her work here:
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Writer João da Cruz e Sousa
João da Cruz e Sousa
Born in Florianópolis in 1861, he was called the Black Swan. He was one of the first black writers in Brazil. Son of slaves, he was given the opportunity to study by a soldier. João learned French, Latin and Greek, and was a student of the naturalist Fritz Müller, who himself was a friend of Charles Darwin, learning about Math and Nature. João ran a newspaper, wrote short stories about slavery and prejudice, and brought the Symbolism movement to Brazil in his poetry. He had nine books published, but only three of them when he was alive.
Writer Dora Duarte
Dora Duarte
Dora is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. She is also a writer, poet, singer and storyteller. She volunteers as a storyteller at a daycare center and retirement homes in her neighborhood. Here are some of her published books: “A Menina que não sabia que podia Sonhar”, “Coisas de Criança”, “Vidas Traçadas” and “A levada Cidora”.
Writer Antonieta Mercês da Silva
Antonieta Mercês da Silva
She is from a nearby town, Governador Celso Ramos, but lives in Florianópolis and is a retired teacher. She started to fully dedicate herself into writing after retirement. She has six books published, and four of them are children books.
Writer Susana de Mello
Susana Zilli de Mello
Susana is from Florianópolis and writes short stories and poetry. She also belongs to the Ceará Academy of Letters. In 2014, she published a book of poems called “Campinas Poéticas”.
Writer Marta Eliane Santos de Carvalho
Marta Eliane Santos de Carvalho
Marta was born in Florianópolis and dedicated her life to learning and reading techniques focused on children. As an educator, psychologist, poet and storyteller, she was interested in children’s literature and started writing for kids. Some of her books are “Gato e Sapato” and “O Grilo Grilado”.
Writer Eliete Terezinha Martins
Eliete Terezinha Martins
Eliete is born and raised in Florianópolis. She is a writer, plastic artist, and a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. She often writes about folklore and created a famous character Lucinda who appears in the book “Lucinda, Bruxa da Ilha”. Lucinda is a witch that narrates the story of Florianópolis.
Writer Milka Lorena Plaza Carvajal
Milka Lorena Plaza Carvajal
Milka was born in Chile and naturalized Brazilian. She runs a Literary office for culture in Florianópolis and is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. She writes stories, poetry and novels. She won an award with her “Noite de Sexta-feira” story, and the sonnets “Diáfanas Canções” and the “O Acampamento”.
Writer Maria Luiza Vargas Ramos
Maria Luiza Vargas Ramos
From Rio Grande do Sul, she lives in Florianópolis enjoying her retirement as a teacher graduated in Portuguese, with master and PhD in Brazilian Literature. She has won many writing awards, with 10 published books, chronicles and children books. cinquentinhas.blogspot.com  
Writer Ana Esther Balbão Pithan
Ana Esther Balbão Pithan
Born in Rio Grande do Sul in 1965, she has lived in Florianópolis since 1991. With a degree in English Literature, Ana Esther writes stories in two languages, mostly children books like “Cadê o Cagu?” and “Lendo nas Entrelinhas.” She also writes books for adults, for example, “Terapia Ocupacional, Contos” and “A Mochileira Tupiniquim nas Trilhas da Nova Caledônia”.
Writer Franklin Cascaes
Franklin Cascaes
Franklin Joaquim Cascaes was an Azorean culture researcher, folklorist, ceramist, and writer. He is famous for a book about his hometown, Florianópolis, called “O Fantástico na Ilha de Santa Catarina” and some others, such as “Balanço da pirueta voadora Nossa Senhora” and “O linguado e o Siri”.


Florianópolis is not only great for its beautiful visual but also its fantastic sound. Artists from Brazil and all around the world, such as Gisele Bundchen, Neymar, and Michael Schumacher, come to this city every year. Some of them even make of Florianópolis their home and  a piece of Jurerê Internacional their own.

Besides famous models, actors and sports figures, Florianópolis is also a hotspot for musicians. DJs and producers are the soul of the city, and great and successful electronic music events happen weekly.