Age: 28 years old

Hometown: Florianópolis, Brazil

Genre: EDM, Big Room, House, Trap, Future Bass and Deep House


Eduardo Cintra is a well-known DJ and producer in Brazil, interested in a variety of genres, but mostly Deep House. Dudu takes parts in two anonymous electronic music projects. One of them has been very successful since 2011, which has allowed him to play all around the country. The other project is still under progress, but it’s guaranteed to be huge.


Just like most successful artists, Dudu has always been interested in music, taking part in Violin, Guitar and Electric Guitar lessons since childhood. When he was 13 years old, he found out there was a DJ course in Rio de Janeiro and convinced his parents to take him there. From then on, he started playing in small parties just for gaining experience and having fun. During his last year of school, a friend convinced him to be his partner. Initially playing for 50 people in a bar, their talent and social skills caught the attention of many club owners and led them to start playing for larger audiences.


He spent 3 years as a resident in important clubs in Florianópolis, such as the now-closed Confraria and in El Divino. Dudu started learning how to produce by watching tutorials, studying hard and by trial & error. With dedication and undeniable talent, he grew in the music industry and years later caught the attention of a major Brazilian agency and has played in over 100 successful events per year. He’s working on a promising, contagious and overwhelming project and soon hopes to dedicate himself entirely to producing and playing a full authorial set.