Interview with Eduardo M.

Eduardo M.

Age: 34 years old

Hometown:  São Paulo, Brazil

Genre:  Techno, Electro, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, others


Eduardo comes from São Paulo and has lived in Balneário Camboriú since 1998. The electronic music first appeared in his life when he was  around 10, 11 years old when his brother-in-law who is also a DJ introduced it to him. With proper guidance in the first steps on how to pick up good disks and equipment, Eduardo later moved to Balneário Camboriú and his talent made him meet local clubbers and DJs. He remembers the turning point in his life was his first club in 1998 and rave in 1999 when he felt the calling: electronic music was going to be his way of life.


With a very solid background on acid house and hardcore breakbeat from the old English raves as well as the old-school Laurent Garnier, Marky and Mau Mau, Eduardo developed a golden taste for techno. His industrial catch flows through different beats and the DJ is emphatic when saying he likes playing with many styles. In his career, Eduardo has been at the world-renowned Warung, Green Valley, El Fortin, Terraza and (now closed) Space. Another club that marked his life was the (now closed) Ibiza in Balneário Camboriú.


Eduardo also loves underground clubs and bars; so you can find him playing around in Florianópolis. This DJ knows the scene in São Paulo and Santa Catarina well and is very proud and happy about how Santa Catarina has made its way to the top as one of the most important hotspots for electronic music. For the future, he is also focusing on his studio and producing new music in his very own way.