Age: 24 years

Hometown: Florianópolis, Brazil

Genre: Open Format




+55 48 98472-0289

Junior Ramos is a talented open format DJ and a 5-year resident at Fields, one of the most popular clubs in Florianópolis, where he learned how to give people the music they desire according to each lifestyle.


His first experience was when moving to a new school, he decided to introduce himself in an unique way: being the DJ at his own 14th birthday party. Because he was young, some people did not support the idea, which made Junior’s ideas even stronger. He would escape from negativity by putting his headphones on and turning to music for comfort.


His entertaining personality has lately managed to attract the web community, having videos with over 100k views. Now he plays at more than 100 gigs per year, including major Brazilian events. Ten years after his first experience, he is now playing next to major Brazilian celebrities, such as the singers Anitta and Ludmilla.


His next move is into music production. He’s spending hundreds of hours watching tutorials of a variety of music genres and constantly practicing. One of his favorite techniques is dissecting a known song piece by piece to learn how to recreate it. Through this process, he finds out new ways to make the music sound great. His dedication and natural talents guarantee that he’s soon going to be releasing incredible songs and getting everyone’s attention. And we just can’t wait for it!