Interview with Khayyam


Age: 26 years old

Hometown:  Florianópolis, Brazil

Genre:  Groove, Jazz Funk House, Techno


KHAYYAM is a project from a musician and producer specialized in live acts. He was born in Florianópolis surrounded by a family of musicians. He’s very serious and focused on the technicalities of producing good music since he was 18 years old. When studying urban dances and hip-hop culture, he truly bounded to urban music and was later driven by the groove and house music.


He creatively uses instruments to guide the public’s mind and emotions. Mixing house, jazz and loops in DAW, the KHAYYAM project has the influence of James Brown, Jamiroquai, Chet Baker, Little Walter, Miles Davis, Daft Punk and many others.


KHAYYAM is releasing a complete autoral album and producing video sets to the youtube channel ‘Connect’. The musician can be found performing in clubs and bars, such as Second Jurerê, Malam Club, Jivago, Concorde and 1007. He also plays in independent underground parties, such as the FATe, Akahai, Cortex, Trip to Deep and Caos.