You meet all kinds of people in Florianópolis. The greatest thing about Florianópolis is that it has room for everyone. The variety of lifestyles you can find here will help you identify with someone, find a nice place to go and enjoy your time in the island.

Whether you prefer waking up everyday to the sounds of waves crashing onto the shore and spending your afternoons getting tanned or surfing; or living in a more tech environment taking part in projects at the Silicon Island; or enjoying what the underground scene has to offer; or hanging around with geeks … this city has what you’re looking for.

Florianópolis is a welcoming and respectful home of many people with different lifestyles. Here we talk a little more about what you can find.

The Beach Lifestyle

With 100 beaches spread around the islands, it’s easy to find people who adopted the beach lifestyle. You know those supermodels you see on television, with tanned skin, wavy hair and a charming free spirit? Yeah, they are everywhere here, and it’s not hard to become one of them with the sheer number of fitness centers and beauty parlors we have. Living in Florianópolis entices you to go to the beach almost everyday in the summer to get a tan and go for a walk or a drink.

The best season to go to the beach is obviously the summer, from December to March. But if you want to be around fewer  people, the best times are from October to December and from March to May.


The Hippie Lifestyle

Maybe it’s the connection to nature that the island has that attracts some people with a simpler lifestyle that allows them to be more relaxed about urbanization. It’s not hard to find this engaging, friendly and free spirit people in Florianópolis. Especially in Lagoa da Conceição, Ingleses and Campeche, it’s easy to see hippies selling their handmade art and crafts in hippie fairs.

You can find food and handicraft fairs every Wednesday at UFSC, every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm at Centrinho da Lagoa, and the Magiart Floripa Fair at Praça XV every Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


The Surfer Lifestyle

The surfers are in their own paradise here. These sports-minded men and women with incredible bodies and tanned skin are in every beach. Usually they’re very friendly and it’s easy to get along with them.

The best beaches to surf are: Praia Brava, Praia do Moçambique, Praia do Morro das Pedras, Praia Mole, Praia do Campeche and Praia do Santinho. The Hang Loose Pro Contest started at Praia da Joaquina in Florianópolis. And the Praia Mole Slam is a huge success in Praia Mole. International contests also take place in Florianópolis.


The Tech Lifestyle

Florianópolis attracts a lot of IT companies and is known as the “Silicon Island”. The city has a huge technology pool. One of the best resources offered is Acate, a planned environment with great infrastructure built to unite IT-related companies and startups; it also offers computers and internet connection to the public. Also, there are a lot of events, courses and lectures held around the town about programming, development, cryptocurrency technologies and much more. Some traditional events, such as the RD Summit and the Developers Conference take place every year.


The Fit and Sports-Minded Lifestyle

Every four in five people living in Florianópolis practices some kind of sports at least once a week. With hundreds of fitness centers, walking tracks, sports courts, and outdoor exercise parks you can find what to practice everywhere. There are plenty of soccer, tennis, volleyball and handball schools. It’s very easy to find someone to walk or run with you along the beautiful Avenida Beira-Mar.

And if you like water sports, Lagoa da Conceição is the perfect place to go. Hiking trails are found everywhere in the city, free to use, and many companies offer adventure sports, such as rafting, kayaking, surfing, kitesurfing, climbing, tree climbing circuits, paragliding, moto rally and quadricycles.

If you prefer indoors, there are all kinds of clubs, such as shooting, airsoft, paintball, archery, horse riding and horse jumping. Florianópolis hosts international marathons and sport events everywhere in the city all year round. A very famous triathlon event is the Ironman.


The Spiritual Lifestyle

Florianópolis has a strong connection to nature, and that makes people more spiritual, looking for ways to connect with the world and their mind. You will find a lot of spiritual and religious centers, temples and churches around the island.


The Hipster Lifestyle

A capital city with a technology hub and all kinds of entertainment is a hotspot for hipsters. This community of fashion makers tend to be found in the coolest bars in town, mostly in the city center, Lagoa da Conceição and Pedra Branca. They work in trend-making stores and software companies. They usually attend less crowded spots in town and clubs, such as Blues Velvet, Treze and 1007.


The Alternative Lifestyle

The alternative and LGBTQ+ community is welcomed everywhere in Florianópolis. Most of hotspots are in the eastern beaches, the city center and mainland. The Gay Parade is held every year between June and August. There are many clubs and parties all around the city focused on people who adopt this specific lifestyle, although everyone is welcomed to have fun too. The most iconic clubs are Concorde, Cabaret Night Club, Bar do Deca, Rancho do Maneca and Denys Bar. Other great alternative clubs are Jivago, 1007 and Blues Velvet.


The Clubber Lifestyle

There is a reason why Florianópolis has been called the South American Ibiza. Next to the paradisiac beaches and stunning people, there are a lot of awesome parties you can choose from. The party lifestyle has been adopted by many people; they go to the best parties in town and enjoy themselves every time. The greatest thing about Florianópolis is that no matter what day it is, there is a party going on somewhere that fits your style just right. It’s not hard to find people that go to parties six out of the seven days a week!

One of the most popular parties that attracts celebrities is the annual Winter Festival in July.